The Rising sun

The sun rises!
Giving her warmth
To all, rich and poor
Throwing her light
On the trees
That shade little fauns
The gloom is gone
The clouds are blue
And the birds are out
Playing and surfing the air
The weather is warm
And the heat is on

The sun rises
Our crops rejoice
The Golden Wheat, the Begonia
And the Date Palm
All reptiles start the tan
Sitting and crawling about
For the warmest place
There, the nights cold
Gone and fast forgotten
The dews all sucked up
And the happy grasshopper clan
Out for the days recreation

The sun rises
Pulling the heat with it
Drying the cocoa beans
And ripening the grape
Her yellow face glittering
Like a diamond
And the swift breezes seized
The grey haired monkeys
Enjoying the sudden drift
The twists of life
In the foggy tropical forests

The sun rises
Across the horizon
Above the nations
Falling on the backs
Of the farmers lodge
Painting a picture of Nature
Throwing a vast look
Of all Divine love
Could look like
And of a mother
Holding her little infant

The sun rises everywhere
It shines on the golf course
In the towns, cities
The little hamlets, villages
On the faces of people,
And all beasts
It shines on the streams
And the lakes
And the ever grinning Alligators

The sun rises
On our windows
Giving a touch of gold
As it falls on curtains
And waking all from slumber

By Oke Iroegbu

Finance Graduate, Bibliophile and Bard of Ovim, his hometown. Read more at

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