Our African Heritage

The sun has risen with hopes
It throws its light on our faces
On our farms, and our homes
And we see our shadows cast back
Our African heritage comes alive
To do her best for all human kind
For all beautiful infants
For all that gives life
This is our own, our pride
From the Eastern horn
Carving on faces, smiles
Reaching out to hurt souls
This is our dream, our heritage
From the Cape of Good Hope
The rocks and all caves
The streams, rivers and waterfalls
Running over white shiny pebbles
With grace and love
For you all, children of Africa
Here, a citadel, a hope
From histories and endearing cultures
This is our future, our home
The Lions and the Elephants
The millets and the Sorghums
The home of blue clouds
And to all peace seeking men
Oh humble land, our love Africa
The home of Natures best
We are Africa


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