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Listen to Nature sing from waterfalls,
She thrash her garments upon rocks
And wash them with her soft palms
She sends soft waters crashing into the pool
Watching the blue skies as her fingers work
When the water descend they form
Fine curtains of white mist
As the water touch the pool below
It changes into bubbling green
Loose soil cling to Water lilies & Fern roots
Slowly falling water push crabs to their burrows
Echoing nature’s still song till evening

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The Waterfall: Sounds of Water

I stand to listen to you, sounds of water,
When birds fly above the green shroud
And small fish glide in the green current
When the waterfall sing a proud song

Mother Nature sings and wash her garments on rocks,
Happy girls and boys wash and sang along
Pigeons, egrets, partridges and wild ducks
All swim or wade through the calm music

Sounds of water brings to all a merry feeling,
Blue and grey clouds may stay to listen too
And for the villagers, it’s a comforting song
One, proudly written and sung by Nature herself

Africa culture/tradition Igbo culture Nature Pastoral Poetry

Four Nature Poems with Deborah Nnagbo, Shawny Johnson and Franklin Onuoha

Ogbunike Cave by Deborah Nnagbo

There it lies with an open mouth,
Basking in the unadulterated air of tradition.
Bidding me to come in unto her,
Inside the sacred forest guarding the glory of a race.

Slowly, I tiptoed into natures edifice.
With eyes clothed with wonder.
I could not but see the finger of Chineke
In all shades and forms of the cave.

Ogbunike cave, ancestral home.
The hidden abode of friendly bats.
The meeting place of our ancestors.
Crawling up and down your little hills stirs up nostalgic feelings of my childhood.

Thou hast revived the strangled reality of Igbo culture in me.
And lured my heart to crave for the riches of thy land.
Your stream of nativity has revealed my identity.
I shall no more wander like a homeless lass when I have a room in you.

Formed by Shawny Johnson

Above and beyond
Falling to produce greatness
Running in the DNA of grains cultivating food of earthy particles pushing through the rhythm of GOD’s timing
Purposed for a destined designed
portrait of his own imagery cycling over again recreating the dust that formed the pleasure of you and I being man and man within
With rain drops cleaning away the imperfections of our disconnections from the ground that needs the same rain from the clouds that clash In dances only GOD can orchestrate to give life that we may live on

Nature’s Touch by Franklin Onuoha

It throws me into wild ecstasy
To see the bamboo
Twirl and dance
To the rhythm of the wind

And when I see the leaves
Of the Ukpaka tree wave at me
I feel at home because even the trees know
That I’m a son of the soil

The euphonious dawn chorus
From the morning birds
Fills me with the optimism
To face the day’s task

And the chirping
Of the crickets at night
Is a sweet sounding lullaby
To my weary head

Oh! How I love the caress
Of the evening breeze
And the sound of the flowing streams
Which soothes my perturbed nerves

Home is where I want to be
Where nature speaks to me
And reminds me of who I am
I’m African

The Waterfalls by OkeChukwu Iroegbu

Thou water that fall from the skies
Pleasing to my weary ears,
Your sounds wake my sweet sensation
Ah, you are then my inspiration
When you trap me in your web
I wonder freely
How much of your sounds I must listen to
With each passing day

Thou water that fall from the skies
Pleasing to my weary foot,
Your songs sooth away my pain
I’m at ease, when you win
Now you take the moment
When you spray your mild water
And with your falling white matter
You distinguish mud from water



Listen to Nature sing from the waterfalls,

She thrashes her garments upon the rocks

And wash them with very soft palms

She sends soft waters crashing into the pool

Watching the blue skies as her fingers work

When the waters descend they form

Curtains of white mist

And when the waters touch the pool below

They become changed in the bubbling green

Loose soil cling to Water lilies and Fern roots

As falling waters push the crabs to their burrows

Echoing Natures songs till the evening


The call of the Stream: tributary of the crocodile river


Now I stand before you, great stream

You tributary of the crocodile river

Flowing from the hills, where no man knows

To our gardens, where beautiful roses grow


I stand before you, Gods own living sculpture

Carved off dust and loam, points of rocks

With fine white waters falling from your top

As your waters rush somewhere without stop


The greens are mixed with brown-black earth

Clouds form a circle above your clean waters

Beneath the waters, is your hideous enclaves

Where the crocodiles rule and the mudfish live


In the midst of the troubled waters that fall

Is a pool which are white but green when settled

Mushrooms abound in the shallow areas of your flow

Marshes, hidden swamps stay at the banks that is low


The banks are slippery, wet with straying waters

Greying mud, untouched, stay humbly unperturbed

The falls fall, mother Nature sings above across the hills

She wash her garment upon the rocks of the waterfalls


Tiny fragment of water fall, tumbling, rolling

Joyfully joining the others in a bigger splash 

Crabs raise their tentacles daring any intruder

But to you oh stream you made all to wonder


Now, I stand before you, great stream

You tributary of the crocodile river 

Flowing from the hills where no man knows 

To our gardens, where beautiful roses grow 


A Tale of the Lakeside

Once upon a quiet lakeside
Where blue skies stay
And very thick fog dwells
With tall Figs hiding in them
Hanging like towers
There’s a riot of colors
Down the valley
When the sun rays fall
On the forest below
All turns to gold
The clouds are not left behind
They shine gloriously
The water drops fall
Slowly from the waterfall
Washing the pebbles
As white waters rush in haste
And the solemn rocks
With green forests all beside it
Keeps watch in mute
There’s a rainbow up the sky
And a host of Egrets surfing the wind
The white mountains stand guard
With patches of green here and there
The winds blow the sweetest breezes
The bears growl all about
So beautiful, so charming
All about a quiet lakeside
And that’s Natures gift

Oiroegbu Halls


Viva Africa!

Africa –my pride
The land of husker corn
Barley adorn your lengths
And date palms embellish you
The coasts in your waters
Glitter with mother of pearls
Signifying your just blood
Salmon glide on in its might
The land of Quasar drum
And the… palm beer
Your calabash is full of sorghum
And millets grounded in pepper
Cattle move around you
And the sunflowers beautify you
Showing your pure spirit
The land of rivers and lakes
The Victoria and the Chad
The farm that grows the Shea
And the Iroko, the Gmelina
I can sing of you with pride
Because of your just spirit


Line 9: The Quasar drum is a native of Southern African tribes.

Line 10: The Palm beer: a whitish  medicinal brew tapped from some species of the palm tree.

Line 17: Lake Victoria of East Africa and Lake Tchad of Central Africa.

Study Questions:

1. Do you really think that the poem says all about Africa? Why or why not?

2. What are the dominant figures of speech used on the poem?

Oiroegbu Halls


Our African Heritage

The sun has risen with hopes
It throws its light on our faces
On our farms, and our homes
And we see our shadows cast back
Our African heritage comes alive
To do her best for all human kind
For all beautiful infants
For all that gives life
This is our own, our pride
From the Eastern horn
Carving on faces, smiles
Reaching out to hurt souls
This is our dream, our heritage
From the Cape of Good Hope
The rocks and all caves
The streams, rivers and waterfalls
Running over white shiny pebbles
With grace and love
For you all, children of Africa
Here, a citadel, a hope
From histories and endearing cultures
This is our future, our home
The Lions and the Elephants
The millets and the Sorghums
The home of blue clouds
And to all peace seeking men
Oh humble land, our love Africa
The home of Natures best
We are Africa