The Lone Wolf

Slowly tis moon surge-by
Two shades join in harmony
As the door sides creak
Allowin’ the cold airs
To filter in calmly
Blind winds blow boldly
Dogs bark and whine
And the pines call
Fear knows not himself
Yet a dark cloak
Sweeps fast across the lane
Creepy and with leaps
Takes cover behind the shrubs
Blood-shot eyes of fury
Lips of dried amber drops
Teeth filed straight like the Sabre
Ears dropped to navigate
And the fur; painted half dark
Gross nose and a hot fume

When the dogs bark;
There is somethin’ out there
Somethin’ is walkin’
Takin’ a lonely stroll
Castin’ a scary shadow
Across those empty roads

Commentary: I grew up with this feeling that ‘something’ always walked the roads in the dead of the nights. This in fact, is not a fallacy. The diction is clear, it needs little or no explanation.

Study Questions:
1. What is the theme of the poem?

2. Can you explain the poets mood?