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Dream of Sunset

I dream of sailing with the sunset,
To listen while wild winds whistle,
And watch silver clouds gather over me

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Just Kids By Jasmine Scroggins

Africa culture/tradition folklore lifestyle Nature Pastoral Poetry

I’m a Shepherd

I’m a shepherd, living all by myself
Of course there are people all about
But none share my believes and thought
I dream away alone, such is my life

Early mornings are my quiet times
So I speak life to the day when I wake
Hoping to see my reflection on the lake
And to hear my flock play away on the field

The noon I sit to play my songs
Funny enough, flies and birds sing along
Sometimes the heavy lamb will horn
To raise hopes for the coming new born

When the evenings finally come
I’ll be walking down hill with the flock
To admire the sunset and my handiwork
The sun hiding behind the hills womb

I’m a shepherd, living all by myself
Of course there are people all about
But none share my believes and thought
I dream away alone, such is my life


Swing by Okoroji Chidiebere Alexander


The heart is new,
The heart is free,
The heart is keen,
What else is left unseen.
We’ve closed,
We took overdose,
We didn’t really pose,
So we loss,
To a better boss.
My ink is dry,
My hair is grey,
My mind is heavy,
My soul up for prey,
I’m a mile away.
Today I’m good,
Tomorrow i will better,
Yesterday was the best,
Where my past doesn’t exist,
My life was all a gist,
Where I’m always on a list.
The carrier is a friend,
The disease he has spread,
The message went down well,
The people readily positioned,
The mission never an omission,
Unless if there is a good, mood,
A solid hood with a rich food,
Then there will be a swing.

Paper People by Harry Baker

Excellent spoken poetry! Enjoy.


Musing: Song of a Farmer

I just picked a fruit
Beautiful. Reminds me of you
Grey eyes and elegant

There are many fruits
But this one is purely exotic
A fine and pretty sight

You are an amazing fruit
Like the yellow Sunflower
You, my boring days light

You have become my fruit
The sunshine after my dark
My friend; humble and sweet


Burning Grass

It is the time of the year
When the grasses are burned
And the fumes dance happily
Up to meet the blue skies

The hawks and kites circle
The fire hunting stray rodents
Men beat the bush about
Minding the farm crops nearby

The smell of the fume
Spreads about the place
Pushing the acrid smoke up
Forming a wonderous sight

The nights creep in quietly
Even from the far hamlets
One can see the smoke rise
As the grass burn, slowly


A Poets Tale

Have you seen the sun set over the dark clouds
Behind the lonely traveller marching up the hilly mounds?
The evening sets in, covering all the light living on Earth
It was about time for, moon-lit tales and screeching crickets

The wind surge, we are left to feel it
The birds fly away, as the sun set
The clouds are dark, beckoning to a storm
And the people haste about bringing all the drums

The hopes live on, the days gone past,
I sit musing, letting reason come over wit
Like Ali Baba calling out to his forty men
The love I have for you I feel deep within


The Clan and The Day

So the sun rise quietly
Behind the hill in the hamlet
A smile spreads across the clan
Children, pets: dogs and cats
Boys with catapults and traps
Girls with baskets for water
Men gather, ready for a hunt
And the women make soup
So the day wakes the clan
And the clan makes the day


Lost Love

Love flowed in this heart
Pure as in the waters
That flow on smooth rocks
And of a baby”s tears
Growing her first tooth
We watched it sprout
This is a lovely one, we thought
But then the suns scorch
Came to it, with fiery passion
The heat was on, unbearable
The love melted off, we cried
But then it went, gradually
Never to come back to us

I belong not to this enclave
Called the world


The Descendant, a rains incantation

The rain falls softly
It falls light on me
And it minds not why
Amazed of such
One of uncertainty
Of the rain drops falling
On I who was a bloodline

Break the kola
Wave the palm frond
Call the wind, and …
And listen carefully
For the mother of the rain

Muster some courage
Stand with the dark clouds
The Storm comes
But the Storm must falter!

Now the rain falls on me
Soaking the dusts below
Clogging my footwear
On a carefree evening

The first breath I take
On such a day
Is one of freedom!


To Love

How beautiful it is to love
Two hearts to become one
To see from the same reason
To dance under the tree
On nights the moon shone
How lovely it is to love
Even when the earth
Full of pain and tears
Cloud about the atmosphere
But the love we have
Shields us from all thrusts
Of the worlds grieve

Oiroegbu Halls


Though it came a Lil late


I wish I could chat you all one at a time. Thanks for coming by to read me. The joy of a writer is the audience he has. You guys gave me the nod to go ahead, thanks. Can’t mention all your names for space- followers, readers, commenters and those who had liked my pieces right from the first day, I see you and am always glad seeing you around. I love you guys and you are the reason I write. Let’s continue our work, to write and to paint. And may thanks be to God maker of man, nature and poetry. Happy new 2015 to you all.

And please do not mind the goofing picture of mine greeting you… I am at best being funny.

Oiroegbu Halls


The Lone Wolf

Slowly tis moon surge-by
Two shades join in harmony
As the door sides creak
Allowin’ the cold airs
To filter in calmly
Blind winds blow boldly
Dogs bark and whine
And the pines call
Fear knows not himself
Yet a dark cloak
Sweeps fast across the lane
Creepy and with leaps
Takes cover behind the shrubs
Blood-shot eyes of fury
Lips of dried amber drops
Teeth filed straight like the Sabre
Ears dropped to navigate
And the fur; painted half dark
Gross nose and a hot fume

When the dogs bark;
There is somethin’ out there
Somethin’ is walkin’
Takin’ a lonely stroll
Castin’ a scary shadow
Across those empty roads

Commentary: I grew up with this feeling that ‘something’ always walked the roads in the dead of the nights. This in fact, is not a fallacy. The diction is clear, it needs little or no explanation.

Study Questions:
1. What is the theme of the poem?

2. Can you explain the poets mood?



Now poetry was passed down
Long ago; thru a cloudy band
And the lightened grey galaxies
A mix of matter of time and climes
And down it came
To the swooshing trees
And the singing waterfalls
Passing thru some medium
On a trading South wind venture
Via the wildest rides of Nature
Thru rivulets of patched roads
Greeting a hound of seekers
Lord; this light of Thine
I pray, let it shine
This little share of poetry in me
Sings with music even in a lullaby

Study Question: What do you make of this ‘creation story’ of poetry ?