Swing by Okoroji Chidiebere Alexander


The heart is new,
The heart is free,
The heart is keen,
What else is left unseen.
We’ve closed,
We took overdose,
We didn’t really pose,
So we loss,
To a better boss.
My ink is dry,
My hair is grey,
My mind is heavy,
My soul up for prey,
I’m a mile away.
Today I’m good,
Tomorrow i will better,
Yesterday was the best,
Where my past doesn’t exist,
My life was all a gist,
Where I’m always on a list.
The carrier is a friend,
The disease he has spread,
The message went down well,
The people readily positioned,
The mission never an omission,
Unless if there is a good, mood,
A solid hood with a rich food,
Then there will be a swing.

December Tides


Tasty for the spoils of the dry month, we are

Dry air, dry waterhole, dry lips, dry paper

Moisture lost to the heat of the traveling sun

But our feet has got many options, wait or run

And today the breeze drives the wind to us

We savor, we enjoy, to you emissary we trust

You have come with the mighty Harmattan 

Your dry airs and heat has become our tan


Trees sway

With blur visions on sight

As a bonus for being alive

At the point of the year

Air so dry, with hot sun rays

You only bring us dry tidings 

Cracked foot, that hurt

But we the people of this land still loves you


I have written this piece with Fampah Coyish, a poet from Ghana. The both countries of ours Ghana and Nigeria fall in West Africa, and enjoy the same weather and climate. We have written about December and her tide. I have written the first stanza and Fampah Coyish has got the second.