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Muse: Life

Quiet breezes roam this evening,
I let my weary mind stroll with it,
Walking it down these streets of life,
And reflecting on life’s true meaning,
Aware of seasons, of sowing and reaping,
I wonder if life come in such seasons,
And when stars die, if they fall off from heaven
Or if there’s such thing as human reincarnation

Life is like an early morning mist,
Hot days, its woe as it may dry up the mist
Now I lay, thinking of life’s secrets,
And what may become when I finally find it

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Health, our new Wealth

Health is the new wealth! Here are some factors that may help us live healthy.

Our psychology play a major role in our wellbeing. If you think healthy thoughts, you’ll be healthy. Thinking healthy means being conscious of our internal and external environment and knowing how to maintain a proper balance.

As a man thinketh in his heart so is he…

Our lifestyle matters too. Observing adequate siesta is good. Sleep is part of human nature and it’s the best way to rest important organs in the body. Adequate sleep is required if we desire to be strong mentally and physically. Our choice of nutrition, exercise, feeding habits and personal hygiene also affect our wellbeing.

Water! Ah, water is life. It’s obvious that man and water are inseparable. The earth surface consists about 70% of water and man is made up of water! Oxygen contains water too. So clean water is important. While we may enjoy beverages, wine, and others, we must not forget that water still remain the best option.

Happiness is a healthy factor. Happily, happiness is free and no one but ourselves can control our happiness! Studies reveal that happy people tend to live longer. Peace of mind come from being happy and this has a way of affecting our health!

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Positive Attitude to Life

Life is in minutes and seconds. There is no such thing as a bitter end, because an end is the beginning of something new. Learn from mistakes and keep moving. BTW only the living can make mistakes. So be thankful for life. Life is like a building that can be renovated and rebuilt from scratch.

Be contented why searching for more. A little that makes you happy is greater than many that makes you miserable. Show kindness and mercy to the weak, give to the needy, hold no grudge and forgive easily. Have faith in Jehovah, as your sustenance.

In the bolded, one can find true meaning to living.