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Thoughts on Kindness

Sweet fragrances cling to the hands of those who distribute roses

Kindness, I say, will never get out of fashion. Small acts of kindness, like smiling and holding doors for others, can positively impact their day. Kindness doesn’t hold back. It is a true definition of love.

While a lot may happen and things change, I advise not to take things and people for granted. Family and friends are essential; reach out to someone. Let them know you care. Make peace, stand in between – let the world see beyond themselves through your reflection. The best way to teach is to act. Unconditional kindness can turn around the tide of hate, depression, and sadness. Even kind words can dissuade a person from committing suicide. We, humanity, have to learn to lean on and trust each other irrespective of color, faith, status, or nationality.

I’m grateful to have you, my kind followers and supporters. As you go out today, spread some kindness around. You know what you can do best. Tell a joke, laugh with a stranger, share your chocolates, hold the door, smile, spare a dollar, or do something little for someone else. With kindness you have the power to change the world. Remember that many people go through a lot, and you can never know whose life you will save by being kind. Keep in your heart to do good no matter what the world turns to. Let’s make kindness our theme this year.

Finally, don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Have a great year!


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