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Reflection: Evening Walk

Birds tweeting, squirrel foraging, and Berkeley’s hilly and beautiful landscapes, coupled with the scent of fresh grass – of mints possibly, remind me of home. The roadside is littered with green grass, and up the steps, wild turkeys pick the ground for worms. I saw a tiny bird circling the foot of a tree, which looked more like a dance. The trees on the hills look ancient and majestic; I also noticed some logging activities. It wasn’t my day, as I saw no deer or bobcats. The forest sits calm and undisturbed. I had to take a moment to breathe in. To breathe in life and live.

The clouds are blue and magical. The Sunlight is mild. Chilled air brought fresh air to my face. Flight birds call to one another as they fly away. The big clouds swallow them in their retreat. A pleasant evening was on the way, and I’ve become part of this happy frenzy! The weather here changes without warning; I remind myself constantly to bring a sweater.

Berkeley and Ovim have a lot of resemblances. First, they are hilly and have a lot of wildlife. They both have abundant sunlight but no snow. I realize that Berkeley and California, in general, will always be special to me. Berkeley reminds me of home.


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