Africa art reflection scholarship

Many Tongues

Power in Diversity

Each time I wait in the elevator, I listen to people who speak several languages. I untie myself from the burden of the English, allowing my senses to drown in the joy of different tongues. The simple flow, melody, intonation, and accents bring me alive. It’s a great feeling living in a multicultural space. l enjoyed the smiles and arguments that accompanied each conversation. I love that I could hear people speak with such grace; I, the hearer, was part of the passage. That’s enough reason to be thankful as a resident of the famous International House.

On various occasions, I’ve asked students about their mother tongue, and I see how proud they are to tell me about it. The diversity alone in Berkeley is an education in itself. I learn new things from other students daily. I’m pleased that people express themselves in their native language without prejudice or fear. Each time I have the opportunity to speak my native tongue – Igbo, I make sure I do that with all pleasure.

Languages are essential aspects of cultural identity. But, in a multicultural environment, we speak one language – love. Below is a short muse for the night. Good night.

Many Tongues

We speak in numerous tongues and dialects
We may call the wind many names and meanings
But it blows on everyone, whether chilly or hot
Despite the differences in beliefs and civilizations,
We speak one human language – compassion


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