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Happy November from UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley campus

Dear Friends,

Do you believe in angels? Well, I do. And I am happy to tell the world that they come in human form too. I find no words to describe this scholarship and school community. The love and commitment to making other people’s lives meaningful amaze me. I see the reason why Berkeley is ranked among the best. This is not one of my tales or fantasies; it’s reality. So real, like the feel of the chill California wind against my face. I feel the warmth of nature as Berkeley wakes and sleeps each day. The birds are still my friends; I wake to their tweets each morning. I see handsome squirrels; they look nothing like the tree dwellers in Africa. I saw deer, seagulls, and sea lions at Bodega Bay. I received a gift: a box of bird nests from a benevolent and kind art collector somewhere in Berkeley. And I know this is just the beginning.

The scholarship staff works tirelessly to make things happen for me. They link me to professionals who are potential employers, supervisors, and more. These guys are the real MVP! My faculty and staff, on the other hand, do their best to ensure I have the best education. I’ve received guidance and advice. I’ve received gifts in support of my education. Right now, I see things from different perspectives and made friends from over 20 countries. I was elected to the resident council in my residence too!

This scholarship is a ticket to be whatever I want. This, my friends, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I’m forever grateful to everyone who made it work.

My advice: Hard work works. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Happy New Month from California! May this new month – November, bring us all joy and good health!


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