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Gratitude & Blindness (Poem)


You know it’s human nature sometimes to forget where it all began. There’s a beginning to everything. Remembering the little beginnings helps trump unnecessary egos. Everybody was once a kid; some were poor, sick, this or that, but never consumed by the vicissitudes of life. Even when some things turn good or bad, they could be better or worse. One thing I have learned so far is that no condition is permanent. But we can look back, say, a day, week, or month, to remember how things were. Always consider that it could have been worse or better yet. So there’s a balance. This balance lies in gratitude. It helps to keep life afloat. Gratitude is the compass that allows a person to navigate and progress.

Indeed, outgrown shoes indicate there’s growth. For clean water, food, and free air, which is priceless, one must be grateful. If you can see the sunset or feel the evening wind or a little bug crawling up your skin, be thankful. There’s a bee buzzing out there, and you can hear it, be grateful. When people get used to receiving providence, they take things for granted—well, that’s the reason grateful people need caution. Guarding your being against influences that can turn you from being appreciative is critical. Gratitude is a sensation that continues to grow, not diminish.

I composed a little piece after a bit of thought. I call it blindness. Blindness, in this case, portrays a state of ingratitude, not seeing the good in anything. Good night my friends.


Blindness is the saddest thing ever
And this is not about the loss of sight
But the inability to count blessings
It’s good to catch a glimpse of sunset
It’s even better to be happy & grateful
For things, little or not, seen or unseen,
The Universe rewards thankful people


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