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Hilly Berkeley

Berkeley, CA

Dear friends,

The image above is of wood in Berkeley, California. And yes, there are deer and wild cats in the woods. In such an environment, reptiles – snakes and lizards are abundant. There are numerous bird species. Some species are new to me or I have read about them in books or seen them in National Geographic. Their unique cries make me want to learn more. I saw some crows at a car park close to the Anthropology museum. Their loud quack rent through the quiet park.

The back-breaking walks from one hill to another, the bright background, and the chilly breeze reminds me of home. Back home, it was scorching and cold simultaneously, in early mornings or late nights or when the rain fell. In Berkeley, it gets chilly anytime the weather feels like it. So one is advised to go out in some warm clothes. Some parts of Isuikwuato and Berkeley are hilly places. I have never seen the rain here save on my first day in America. Even then, I missed it; I was told it had just stopped! I can only see its print on the roads. I guess the rain fell to calm the weather for my arrival. It was hot a few days before my arrival, people revealed. I’m supported by divine Providence and every good thing and people. Mine is an optimistic and grateful attitude. And this turns the Universe in my favor. I live in my fantasies, a fairytale to some—my reality. Dear friends, gratitude is the best attitude.

Stay safe and have a good night.


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