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UC Berkeley (Settling Down)

California is exactly what I dreamed it would be, although my worst worry did catch up with me.

The clean streets, diversity of people, and hills represent nature, all in an inspirational school setting lined by joy-bringing trees. Where there are trees, be sure to catch a glimpse of birds that add their musical presence to the scenery. From my room, I can hear them caw-caw each morning. Beauty is also of the people I happened to meet. Nationalities attend school here. There’s a lot of mix here, Africans, Asians, Europeans, and Americans call UC Berkeley home. I have met kind and wonderful people who will remain dear to my heart. My Professors are not just teachers, they are friends. That makes learning much easier.

I’m awed by many magnificent buildings, the titanic stadium just by the architectural masterpiece called the International House. The benevolent Anthropology museums and the Folklore archives, one of a kind in the nation, are great resources. When you are at UC Berkeley, you don’t feel smart, you get smart! There’s a lot to read or study. A lot more is going on. I learned that there are 22 libraries across campus. I can see why the school is top-ranked in America.

Okay, all is well so far. I’ve only one worry – the food. It kind of drives me crazy. I’m not used to some of the American/Asian dishes. Most are quite sweetened or over spiced and I’m not into sugary meals. But then there’s variety, which offers familiar dishes like rice. It doesn’t come every day though. If I can’t find what I want I’ll settle for fruits.

I’m happy to be in California. It was made possible by the kind funding of the Mastercard Foundation. Today we’ll be going for a retreat and hopefully from there, I can write some more.

Stay tuned and safe everyone.


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