Africa art happiness inspiration


This smell of wet clay when watching the sunrise,
Clumsy tree leaves peeling streaks of weak sun rays,
With the cold breeze brushing against my skin
Remind me of grace and magnificence,
And fully discloses where the sunshine hides

I love the feeling of being held above the ground
On a peaceful day staring at the woodland
From the gentle palms of this great green tree


It’s a cold morning. There have been daily rainfall for the past two weeks. Anyway, the view from the treetops is amazing. Sitting on tree branches is my favourite pastime. I could see the little hamlet and the scattered houses hiding in pockets of shrubs. One can also see the hamlet borders with the woodland. There are squeaking birds just ahead of me. Those are big birds fond of creating a lot of noise. The smaller birds’ building nests in the nearby forest are nowhere around. The cold bites deep into everyone. I guess that explains their absence. Well, it’s a gloomy Sunday here. Have a good one.


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