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The Broken Heart by Saeed Rukayya

The Broken Heart

This greatest dream of mine has been shattered,
I fall and stumble into the dark hole,
Grasping for light in a place of no shadows,

  • Oh, my heart aches.

I watch salty water trickle down my cheek,
Thinking of how I’ll stitch this broken heart,
Suddenly, his voice echoed in my head,
Bringing back the unwanted memories, the past.

So I raised my hand and seek,
From the master of Mars and Jupiter,
Grant me peace and solace,
Restore my broken heart in one piece

Saeed Rukayya

I like grooming young talent. And I have discovered a lot recently. Rukayatu was my student in 2017 during my corps service year in Northern Nigeria. She’s now furthering her education in a tertiary institution in Lafia, Nigeria. She’s outspoken, smart, and eager to learn. I recall the time she led her teammates to win a debate. It was epic! She is a poetry lover and followed my blog since 2017. So this night while preparing for retirement, I received this piece and thought of sharing here. It’s her first piece with light editing from my end.

Ladies and gents, please welcome Saeed Rukayya. Let’s give her all encouragement to become a better writer. And don’t mind her, she’s not heartbroken 😉


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