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A Prayer for the World

On the highest throne in the world, we still sit only on our own bottom.” — Michel de Montaigne

Lifelong Learner
My birthday is a collection of 8’s and its multiples. It’s a unique collection of 8’s and I’m delighted each time I see my birthday calendar.

Since my last birthday, I’ve learned a lot. And I’m still learning. I read a few books, mostly religious and inspirational texts, this past twelve months. Hopefully, in the coming twelve months I’m going to be learning from world-class tutors and professors. I’m excited about this. I’m willing to let of my past, to learn, grow and expand my network.

So on this birthday, I pledge to continue to seek knowledge, and to continue to be a learner and a contributor to knowledge. So help me, God.

Happy Birthday, Oke!
My birthday wish this year is unusual. It’s unusual in the sense that I don’t have a personal wish. There’s a lot of violence out there, ranging from wars to economic crises, from human rights abuses to natural disasters, and from corruption to racism. The world needs prayers and healing on one hand, and drastic actions to curb the ever-increasing chaos.

Happy Birthday to me. I’m grateful for the life that I have, for the people in it and for the warmth that comes from belonging to a caring community.

Lastly, I pray for a peaceful and inclusive world.


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