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Reflection: Favourite Time

Sunset is my favourite time of the day. Not only are evenings made for telling stories but are moments of self-reflection and truth. It’s the sun’s way of reminding everyone of the need to take some break from the day’s hustle. In Africa, it’s a time of rest.

Each time I travel to the countryside, I always go up the hills to observe this moment. Up the hills, I feel closer to the elements. The cool wind escorting the fading sunlight is soothing. The splendid view of the beautiful green valley below blanketed by the evening’s tenderness brings me warmth. The countryside is my hideout, my escape from the modern world stress. I admire the underbellies of the white and blue clouds that are coloured light orange. Now, watching birds fly away and disappear into the colourful horizon and appreciating the chilly wind on my face makes me feel alive. This is what life means to me. I’m convinced, I’ll never get used to the view, the feeling and the memories.

The floating orange ball drifting slowly but steadily across the horizon speaks a lot to me. The sun is setting to resume again the next day. Hence, I’ve learned to make time for breaks in everything I do. Also, these stunning rays were once dreadfully hot but now refreshing. All hot things indeed go cold with time. Just give things time. Anger, pain, disappointments, and anything I can think of dissipate with time. I’ll retire for the day. I’ll close my weary eyes to take in this Nature’s reminder and love. One day at a time folks, one day at a time. Peace.


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