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Reflection: New Beginning and Golden Sunrise

New Beginning

Dear Friends,

Today, 365 days ago, I decided to start writing at least one blog post each day of the year! Through tough tides and smooth sails, I came out successful! I’ll like to thank everyone who stayed with me during this journey. The likes, comments and shares gave me the strength to continue. I’ve combined writing with work and working with people who loved to see you grow is a wonderful thing. I’ve resources placed at my disposal to work and blog. I’ve learned and grown, I’ve networked with people who helped me get to a higher level. I may not continue with the daily post as am preparing for another adventure but I’ll try to keep my journey here on the blog updated. I’ll share some good news soon. Please stay tuned.

Right now, I feel the fresh scent of the morning, like the newborn deer learning to use her feeble legs and like a delicate blossoming flower. I’m excited. As I write this, I look through my open window, to behold the golden sunrise, letting the wind sweep through and be grateful for everything. The hills hid this part of the town in the foliage. I hear the birds sing lazily this morning and it’s very early still. Apart from that, it’s a quiet morning and the sunlight is becoming brighter with each passing minute. Normally, this is a sign of a new beginning.

Below is a poem I wrote some time ago. I have revised some of the words to suit this moment. Please have a sunny day.

With Love and Happiness.

Golden Sunrise

Fresh undiluted morning breeze
Bring the singing birds to me
Tired, the garden smelled of fruits
Of flowers, of life, all things sweet
And out, clouds wrapped in mist
Insects zither through the thin tint
Their wings strengthened in frost
The hills belittle the warmth
But it will marvel in instant
When in the golden sunlight


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