Africa Poetry

My Brook – Oko’pia (VO by Aneta Felix)

I’m excited to introduce an excellent journalist, poet, creative writer and voice over artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. This poem was voiced by her. Please enjoy this soothing weekend presentation from Aneta Felix!

From home in quiet hamlets, I hear your surge
Telling stories when you pass through the roaring current,
Through white clouds painted by sound sunlight,
And greener footpaths, heading towards the waterfalls
I sit on the banks, to hear rumours of the wild woods,
Surrounding trees and happy birds blow me kisses,
Farther off, children pick palm fruits and rocks
Seeking a spot to crack the nuts for their seeds
The sands on your banks are comfort for my feet
When I step into the rush; it’s damp and sweet
All this while, your waters flow in haste
To parched places, they rush to support!
Now and then a shy fish shows up
Throwing bubbles to the surface,
Avoiding the fame, which moves with the strong wind
Catching the insects that fall when tree leaves are kissed
So reaping breezes carried only by the playful wind


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