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Africa my Continent | Njabulo N.

Africa my continent,
The land of our ancestors,
The home to beautiful nature and diverse species,
That sings humming songs,
Even on cold weathers and rainy seasons.
Africa my continent,
Africa my pride,
The land of the black blood,
Flowing down my veins,
That irrigates all the beautiful fields.
Africa my continent,
Africa my land of learned youths,
Knowledgeable generation,
With a beautiful and bright future.

Africa my home,
The land where my body
Will be laid to rest.
The land with diverse nations,
Dissimilar tribes,
Thousands of variant languages,
Different geographical areas,
Unique names and surnames,
With ancient history in them,
Praises to each one of them,
With warrior names and founders.
One continent with Fifty-four sovereign countries,
With the same skin colour and identity,

Africa my Continent,
Africa my pride and heart,
The roots of my own heritage,
The gift to the whole universe.
The land of strong men and women.
My skin colour is black,
To prove that I’m not close to being weak.
Traditional regalia is a symbol,
Of beauty and uniqueness.
Africa the land rich in ancestral mythology,
My heart and pride,
The land I cannot abandon,
Africa my continent,
Africa my pride.


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