Foreign Poems Poetry

In This Moment | Arunav Barua

There’s a war raging, so we understand, or made to
Here, there’s a child who goes to school without a shoe
Saw a boy trying to collect garbage, no school for him
Did you have your sumptuous breakfast? So, it’d seem

That old lady who can’t walk straight, goes around alone
She has never held a gadget, oh! Recharged your phone?
School is a dream that many don’t have, hunger is all
That they still fight for survival, don’t you hear a call?

We have the volition of stopping greed, just give away
For the millions homeless, surely there is some way
To stop this brutality, for this is a war too, they fight
The border between kindness and cruelty, in sight…

There’s a war raging, but everywhere is the battle ground
Just look around and you’ll see, a heart not to be found…


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