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Muse: When You Smile

It’s past 6 AM, and I’m up musing about love. I woke up writing a love poem. Love makes us do crazy things, right? Most of my love messages transcend a person, it’s my passion for humanity, for life and hope. February is marked to celebrate love. Expect more love musings! Good morning.

Muse: When You Smile

I remember the first time I met you,
And when you came into my life

Each time you look at me,
And when you smile at me,
My whole being sing in happiness
And tree leaves shuffle and dance
I found joy watching you smile,
I’m happy, I celebrate you baby
And I will tell the world daily
How much I love you! Ina sonki!


Ina sonki*: Hausa language for I love/cherish you. It is used when a male is addressing a female. Ina sonka is used when the reverse is the case.


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