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Falling for you by Chidiebere A. Okoroji

Love don’t really cost a dime,
Love also isn’t worth dying for,
Love shouldn’t be a criteria for kindness,
Love should be expressive,
And not impressive.

Yet, sometimes love spills,
It causes us to get ill,
Love in return becomes the pill,
So much in love to fill,
Love is truly the will.

I’m falling for you,
Cos you light up my day,
These flowers, this heart, makes it true,
I want to love you everyday,
Love is crazy and amazing,
I’m falling for you.

Don’t push me away,
Let me keep writing you this letters,
I don’t mind loving you from mile away,
So much I really want to tell her.

I feel you’re my destiny,
I’m falling apart,
You’re the only one that sees the best in me,
Let this love be the path,
Let my heart be the gate,
Let me prove my worth,
Love shouldn’t cost a thing.


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