Africa proverbs

African Proverb: On Ignorance

It is out of ignorance that a goat will attend a leopard’s party

Meaning: It is no tragedy or shame to be ignorant. As someone has rightly said, “everyone is ignorant, only on different subjects.” We often make the mistake that because someone is very knowledgeable in one area, they are also knowledgeable in other areas. We think a funny person will make a happy marriage. It’s called the halo effect. It’s what causes us to believe that the well-behaved students in the class have the best grades. But reality tells us it’s not true. I said all that to say even in what we are best at; we are deficient in some respect. We all have blind spots. A blind spot is where we cannot see correct or see. We are all perfectly flawed in this sense. It’s “perfect” because it’s necessary to keep us humble. That’s why we need good friends who can help show us where or when we are wrong or in danger. We must not be quick to judge others when we are not perfect. If you see a goat attend a leopard’s party, it’s likely doing so out of ignorance. As our elders also say, “The fly that has no one to advise it follows the corpse into the grave.” Be advised.

Writer: D. O. Thompson


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