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Colours by Chidiebere A. Okoroji

Poetry collection:
Rough, Tough and Enough

Colours are something we don’t hide,
Even if it changes, it takes no side,
One heart, one soul for a ride,
Love, hate, trust all wild,
My circle, my life, my faith, so wide.

Colours digging fast for a dot,
For a moment I went deep in thought,
So much I wasn’t taught,
These colours — in droughts.

Still colours are beautiful,
That’s why we say, colourful,
When painted, so wonderful,
Yet this colours can be scaring and painful.

Let’s not forget that life is beautiful in colours,
Where we create so much honour,
Yet colouring every hour,
Hours we can’t reclaim or own.

In colours, we are silent!


I found this poem rich and enlightening. It brings to light that colours are more than human imagination. Chidiebere, a talented friend from diploma days, have always lived up to expectation. He writes subtly, sometimes provocative. This is one of his works I’m proud to show off.

I penned a witty poem about colours some time ago. You can read it here.


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