Australia Foreign Poems Poetry

When by Robin Bliss

When I leave this body
For a better place.
Don’t cry or weep for me.
For I am with you always,
And always means forever.

When you step outside and,
Feel the wind on your face.
It’s just my lips kissing you gently.
When the wind catches your hair
It is my fingers playing softly.

I am the sun shining from a sky so blue.
I am the rain falling from a sky so gray.
When you wake up late at night alone,
I am there in the darkness dear.

The Summer heat is my passion.
In the Winters cold I am there.
When you feel lonely and sad,
I will be there by your side.

The very air you breathe in,
Will speak lovingly of me.
So do not weep upon your bed.
For I am alive, I will not be dead.


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