Africa, Poetry and Love

The Arrogant King

Once upon a time in a land far away, there lived a king who didn’t listen to anyone. He was so stubborn that he thought he knew everything. If anyone tried to advise or share an opinion with him, he would reject it. He felt good doing this and hence earned for himself, the name Eze onye agwalam (Igbo language meaning King that doesn’t listen to others).

One day, as he was eating ripe pawpaw, he mistakenly smeared the yellow juice on his long black beard. It gave him a ridiculous look and nasty smell. But as a king who knew all, he wasn’t bothered. He strolled proudly around his kingdom, as usual, people noticed his messy beard and went their ways. No one wanted to come close to him. So when he recognized that people moved away from him, he became concerned. He called one of his aides and asked: “Why is everyone acting that way around me?” The aide answered: “Your highness, you have a filthy beard.”

“What!? And no one told me?” He almost screamed in shame.

“Because you will listen to no one.” His aide retorted.

So out of shame, the king returned to his palace and after that day, he took people’s advice and opinion first before his.


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