Spoken Poetry: World Made With Words

There is Him who lights the moonlight like a bulb
He makes the rain shower on all green life
He surfs the thunderstorm like a horse
Throwing to the Earth a veil of white snow
He gives the morning a fresh scent of hope,
Binding the nights to curdle the weary
I listen to His powerful voice whenever it
Pattering upon the rooftops, drums of nature
The Heavens rumble as the shower falls
He strides the plains surrounding the
Overlooking the wilds and the animals that graze
And makes the Whistling Pines sigh in the breeze

He makes a big thunderstorm in the desert
Pools of water springing up to feed the weak
He puts beautiful smiles upon an infants face
Making all wonder how awesome His
powers are
His signature is written all over the cloudy sky
He is mighty, He is powerful, Jehovah Elohim
I have a Him, Who likes to see me attempt to create
For He has made the universe with spoken poetry!


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