Nature nature poems night poems


I behold the nightfall across the dark blue clouds
I watch evening carry desires of men waiting to unfold
I enjoy the sensation of the imminent weekend

Drums of merrymaking sound miles off,
Cackling, singing, every bit of mirthful noise
However, the shepherd sits to enjoy his time alone

I hear deep-voiced frogs calling out to twilight
To bring remnants of a stressful day to halt,
And incessant loquacity, made by hordes of insects

Mists rent down the hills dark as natural coal,
Smoke-like figures rise into the nightfall shadow
Gradually it collects at a point like a charred statue

The cold night is no man’s friend we are taught,
But lovely are impressions of fireflies and stars drifting about
And with this quiet time, a very, very pleasant twilight


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