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Reflection: Leaving The Past Behind

No matter how beautiful and glorious you think the past was, the future is better; far, far better.

I used to be a teacher. I love working with kids and youth. I spent a lot of time, preparing my classes and discussions because I would not want a boring class. Fast forward, I was accepted to a bigger school and had to leave the first school. I have loved many things about the school, in particular, the kids I grew attached to, but it was time to leave so I had to lock up my sentiments and move on.

There are moments where I recollect good times. Indeed, my blog is laid on the foundation of memories. I intended to keep records for the future but did not wish to go back to the past. It’s fortunate to have lived through good and bad times. These memories have shaped my world, taught me how to survive in times of loss and bereavement. But all this is in the past now. Moving on has brought me closer to destiny, met people who had contributed to my personal and professional growth and success.

Well, it’s human nature to reminisce on the good times of the past and hence ignore the chances, optimism and hope offered for the future. Things ought to get better with time. Therefore, I create new memories while living in the present and preparing for the future. No one knows what tomorrow holds. I might miss out on people I loved like the students I left when I got a better job. However, life is slated to happen that way. No emotions. Sometimes we move on from people so that we can achieve our life goals. Sometimes things don’t work as planned because we cling to the past. We still love the one who left us, we still wait for the job that will never call, we still wish for that one thing that may not happen. For this coming year, I will keep the past in its place.

I only have to look back to smile at good times but never wish to return to them as they belong in the past.


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