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Story of Compassion: Life-giver

A young woman got a job as a waiter in a restaurant. She was always happy and upbeat but after some months, she lost excitement. Something had gone wrong. On a particular day, there were lots of people in the restaurant and she had to serve people. They started murmuring and shouting at her, “When are you going to answer me? You are too slow…” Out of the blues, a man stepped up to the front and smiled and told her, “Good afternoon. I want to tell you that you are doing a wonderful job here. It’s the best I’ve ever seen.” The lady was dazzled! It was the sunlight breaking through the clouds of her life. For the first time in many months, she smiled at a customer.


Indeed, the world is in short supply of people who are life-givers. There are more than enough disappointments and negative people to go round every day. There are more than enough hurts and troubles to go round. But one good thing is that everyone can shine some light on another’s life.

Dear friends, let’s be like the man that stepped in to cheer the waiter. Speak healing words, be someone’s solution of courage today.

Story culled from ODM


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