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Reflection: Be Happy

Happiness is whatever you make of it. It’s free as the air we breath and light we see

A Goat’s Stubborn Story

A friend sent the picture above on Whatsapp. I was amused at the sight of goats pulling a wagon. Out of all quadruplets, stubborn goats were chosen to pull a cart. It seems more like a fairytale. Well, my smiles gradually gave way to thoughts when I found that the goats were bound. Hence either of them could move away from the other without pulling it along. On a lighter note, those kids are being transported by goats to a destination only known to the goats. Haha. 🐐

As mentioned above, goats are naturally stubborn. Growing up, I remember my granny’s prime goat. He was the alpha in his group and knows just how to have his way. Once, I was asked to herd him in, and though he did follow, it took a long time to get him into his pen. He would stop to investigate or nibble on a plant, watch the hawks glide up the skies and even try to pull me his direction or nudge with his curved horns. There was a time, it nearly kicked over my granny’s pot of soup which was fairly not close to his pen. The evening breeze would normally chill out the sizzling pot, when it was brought down from the cooking stove. When the soup is warm, it would be then taken into the kitchen. Our goat though on the leash strayed from the path and went straight for the pot. Luckily, only a little soup spilled. Whatever happened that day, the truth is, the pot was not on his way, he was just trying to be a tough goat. Yeah, that’s the extent of a goat’s headiness.

Be Happy

The picture above depicts simplicity and contentment, which are truly characteristics of happy people. I have long learned that genuine happiness is intrinsic. It’s not a function of other peoples action, thought or behavior.

Be happy always, it’s the best way to live longer.


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