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I felt roses by Alexander Okoroji

It was a dream,
The deepest of it,
The silent have it,
But this moments stole it,

I whisper a little,
She knew,
It was love,
She felt it,
I never wanted it back,
I gave it,
A shyly shaky witty love.

Oh no,
What if I dent the colours,
I spoilt it with odours,
Bored it with hours,
While gunning for what’s ours.

Maybe is love,
I cherish it,
I cherished you,
You never knew,
You didn’t care,
In love, all isn’t fair,
We’re never a pair.

Don’t make me cry,
Don’t say I didn’t try,
Don’t tell me we’re just friends,
Don’t take me for granted.

You love what you love,
We live for what we believe,
I have seen you,
I honestly know you,
What you want is leaving,
Don’t come back pleading.

Light me up,
The magic is over,
Fill me in,
The tragic went somber
Your love fooled me,
And the roses I felt.


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