Africa hope Isuikwuato

Isuikwuato Hills


See these monuments standing to salute, to greet the great and small,
From the top, the tree branches wave their way through the wind
And down below, their roots, like men’s arms pop out of the ground
Across the skies, just above the hills, light blue clouds abound


Mushrooms are the landlords, they command the lands at the zenith,
Squatting, they grow in different hues, covering the thick forest floor
The Palm trees gather in a parliament, eyes above, on birds that soar
Watching the happenings of the day and night from their outpost oars


Plumage, soft; grey, pink, orange, blue, yellow and dark green
Glide above the skies, enjoying the morning ride across the wide horizon
They paint dots on the clouds, as the wind tries to disturb their little fun
Calls rent the air, billions of individuals are awake in this hilly town


Bees, butterflies, flies, moths, beetles and hoppers are the major little wings
Also, the dragonflies thrive, the Hornets buzz through the forest shrubs
And the numerous spiders spin many webs to catch bigger stray bugs
Wasps and the praying mantises wait, hiding behind dead tree logs


Ants and termite hustle for territory, on tree leaves and the soft soil
The snakes, most green and black-skinned live in the cover of the green lush forest
Bats and some birds live in the hollow weathered by time on the barks of trees
And when they feel the evening aura gathering, they spread their wings and fly!


The streams cockroach through the thick covering of wild trees
Mahogany, Gmelina, Whistling Pines, even the greatest of trees, the Iroko
Surround the waters that give life to the hills, the wild live there today and tomorrow
The rodents are numerous, they play hides and seek, they dig the Earth and burrow
Now the hills in Isuikwuato are much, they decorate the land
And give us funny names of people who come from the hill!


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