Speak Positive

In Africa, whatever you believe and yearn for, comes to you

Dear friends,

Let me distract you from all the bad news circling the globe. So I have written this just to remind you how awesome you are. So if you could just do me this favour; take a look at the mirror and tell yourself how much a lovely person you are!

Do you believe that the Universe hears us? Whatever you yearn for in the purest of thoughts and heart has a way of manifesting. So I am going to say this to myself: I am great! I am happy! I am successful! I am a winner and I will never give up no matter what! Did I just hear you say that too? Great then! 😊

Today is the beginning of the last month of the year. Here, the holidays are the best time to visit our loved ones. Hence, it’s almost time to travel home to meet family and friends. Do you remember my first posts for this year? How times fly!

While you speak and live in positivity, I wish you all a beautiful month.


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