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Last November Rains

When it’s time for the rain to journey away, the days turn gloomy and nights cold.

In a few days, the rainy season will be over. We don’t know when but the older folk says it’s almost time. Nowadays the rain falls every evening. It starts with a sudden change in the weather, like a smile that gradually turns into a moan. Hot sunlight will suddenly deviate to a cold evening. Mind you, this only happens in the evening. But when one season ends another begins. If the rains go, then the dry season, the harbinger of harmattan sets in.

This is natures gimmicks on man. The cold wet rains will cease and dry dusty winds will take over. Hence, the rooftop lullabies will be gone for months. How awful! Morn and noon will be crammed with dry Saharan airs that keep on embarrassing people’s faces and lips. This wind blows fine sand around and this affects unprotected body parts like the eyes. It’s common to see peoples faces, arms and legs glinting white. The only remedy is to rub all visible body parts with a considerable amount of locally-made oil creams. And that is not a perfect assurance to keep the floating paling dust away.

It’s people’s favourite time of the year. The Yuletide is just a breath away. “Holidays are coming, no more ringing bells,” school children will sing. Indeed, this holiday is a special period. People travel long distances to visit loved ones. It’s a time of fun and celebration in Ovim, my hometown.

Summarily, it’s reasonable to appreciate all-natural seasons as they come and go. Just as we are preparing for the harmattan, my friends in other climes are preparing for heavy snow. This is my farewell to this year’s receding but generous rainfall. Adios, my perfect roof drums!


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