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Onyinye (Gift)

Keep It On

Lately, I have attempted to write more about love. In doing so, I decided to take some inspiration from my old work. I visited my archive and there’s a lot of rusty but good stuff. I grin when I see my old writing and how it has changed over the past decade. It did reflect on my growth as a person, as a scholar and so on. A friend told me that to become a good writer I must continue to write.

“Write some more. Keep on writing,” he said. Those words happened to be the greatest advice and encouragement anyone can bless a budding writer with. Writing has gone ahead to usher me into a very important part of my career growth while queuing up chances for further scholarly advancement. I am grateful for it.

Onyinye is an Igbo word for gift. Gifts are good things, right? It can be labelled as blessings, prizes, rewards and benefits. It is many things gracious. In Igbo land, many families name their daughters Onyinyechi meaning Gift from God. The name can be shortened to Onyi too.

I have applied minor changes in the process of reliving this short poem. Friends, here’s a piece I wrote almost a decade ago.

Onyinye (Gift)

Onyinye Chukwum!
The pearl that shines with the sun,
Your skin glitter like pretty diamonds
On the darkest of nights, you glisten
From earth to the heights of heaven
Thoughts of you are a taste of fine wine!

The love we share knows no bounds
Sports like the harp upon playing fingers
Harmony honoured by providence
An agreement of love and wonder

The songs we share is like a fable
Like lore sang by country shepherds
On green fields, it comes alive and is able
To escort my thoughts to the loyal herd

The dreams we share for a new life,
A compass, a path and a guide,
With you, I soar to new heights
Your smiles brighten my rainy days!

The love we share is a beautiful testimony
I like this quiet look, of simplicity
A dream come upheld for you and me
In this civilization of superficiality


Onyinye Chukwum! An Igbo exclamation meaning gift from God!


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