Africa art Poetry



The braids on your hair
Typical of an African woman
Black and natural. Well fit
Straight cheekbones
Mixed into hair,
Like a young gazelles face.
Your nose is like the fine basket
When you breathe, it’s a wonder
Same with your walk on flowers

When you dance, you smile,
Showing teeth, unspoiled
The teeth: white and strong
Perfect fit
When you love, it is real
You’re black and beautiful
Bold and innocent,
You care, you dare, you are a lover
True definition of natural wonder

When you pout and smile,
The reins of my heart drop,
You melt my heart with a laugh,
Sometimes I want to run, away.
From beads of several twines
You veer like a snake,
You dance, you turn and laugh
Peeking across your shoulder
To see those who watch; I am an admirer


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