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Wisdom Secrets from the Ant

If experience is the best teacher, must it be our own experience? Wise men stand out because of their willingness to learn from the experience of others.

Wisdom is not a function of size, neither is it dependent on age or experience. Until one learns from one’s experience, he can’t develop wisdom.

Wise men stand out because of their willingness to learn from the experiences of others. They study people who have succeeded to know what they did. They study people who have failed to know what they did. They use the shoulders of people who have gone ahead of them as a springboard into their success.

The wisdom of ants is in their ability to prepare their meat in summer. Ants don’t consider their weaknesses. They understand the times and seasons, and they realise that summer is the best time for them to go out. Any attempt to go out during winter will result in death. So, to survive winter, they must accumulate enough food to last them through winter. You don’t have to beg an ant to go out and gather food. Once it perceives food nearby, it steps out and draws it into its hole. That’s your wisdom secret for today. Take your eyes off your weakness. Take your eyes off the unfavourable seasons of life. Focus on your opportunities. Focus on what you have working for you. Your physical or financial capability is not in any way limiting you in life, only your diligence.

A great man once said, “Successful people are those who have learnt the secret of ensuring that they make up by work, what they lack in talent.” So stop giving excuses and start working! Gather your food and providence by wisdom! Learn to seize the season! Act fast and timely! If you work, you will develop. As you develop, success will come your way.

Always remember the ant.

From ODM.


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