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Black & White

We are one human race


I define tolerance as a beautiful word that can change the world for good. It’s accepting people for who they are. Racism, nepotism, tribalism, fanaticism, etc arise when we refuse to accept that other people deserve the rights we enjoy.

When we teach our kids that there’s only one human race, things will take a turn for good. Thus, we must learn to teach that color, status, religion, tribe, beliefs, interests, and all other differences make no one less a human being. Indeed, the world could be a better place when everyone strives to tolerate people who are seemingly different.

Colors don’t define a man. Colors don’t approve the way he should be treated or talked to. Here’s a poem of mine, written a few months ago.

Black & White

Black and white
That’s just colours
Of birds, cliffs or streams

Black is a word
A cloudy sky or a tuft of hair

Both are colours of nature:
Black talons of hawks
White feathers of swans
None of these guys cares

Taste the sweet coke
Ever awe over why it is coloured
Or why skies are white morning and black night?

Talk of sizzling pots
Upon remnants of coal
Or coarse black crude
Refined into light petrol

Think not color, just let life happen


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