Short story

The Deaf Frog

Frogs Can’t Fly

It’s a well-known fact that frogs can’t fly or climb. But impossibility is just a farce. Why we might not know exactly how this frog got to the pole, one thing is certain: the power carried by a resilient mind can never be underestimated. Resilience is a master key to success and it is deaf to the world. Here is a story about paying no heed to the naysayers.

The Deaf Frog

A story was told in the land of frogs. A competition was organized, and the prize will go to the frog who gets to the top of an electric pole. ”Frogs can’t climb. How can this be? It’s impossible”, many frogs argued amongst themselves. When the whistle was blown, the race to the pole began. A little frog was sighted up the bar. When he was brought down to receive his award, he was asked how he did it. He looked at them. The question continued, but he couldn’t talk. He was deaf! Learn more on Igbo culture. Lesson: Ignore the naysayers: to get to where you want to be, you must turn deaf ears to what people say. Accept the role naysayers play in life as they are the ladder to greatness.

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