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What Genuine Poetry Looks Like

Don’t worry, just write…

Poetry is like we humans. Each poem is one different man. So we do not expect a poem to look ‘exactly’ like another. Each has its uniqueness. It need not be lengthy or short, it must not be like Shakespeare’s work, or like Okigbo’s piece. However, a poem can come in subtle words, it can also appear as simple wordings. It can come in any format; sonnet, lyrics, ballad, ode, essay, poetale, anything at all, which makes its style powerful, consistent, and different. A word, a phrase, a sentence, two lines, three lines, anything can be a poem!

So dear poets, here’s a piece of advice: don’t worry about how your poem may read! Don’t worry about “standardizing” it, rather create or invent your style of writing and give it life as it deserves! Good night!


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