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When The Rain Goes

I Wish, I Wish Not

It’s in man’s nature to wish for a thing and when it doesn’t favour him anymore, wishes it away. When it’s the rainy season, homes, roads and streets are flooded. Mosquitoes, sun flies, roaches, tsetse and other bad guys go on a rampage. Though the rain might help many people preserve water, deliver a relatively balanced and enjoyable climate, it arrived with agents of sickness. On the other hand, the dry season is unreasonably hot. It stifles the green growth in the garden and makes people sweaty.

Here is a muse about the receding rainfall. In few weeks, the harmattan wind may start its dusty tour, blowing away from the fringes of the Sahara desert down to the shores of West Africa by the Atlantic ocean. Good night my friends.

When The Rain Goes

The ponds will go dry
As the rains slowly go,
And the clouds very shy
For she has none to woo

When the rains go to other lands
She carries her entourage of wind,
Throw in children’s eyes fine sand
And leave a handsome wreck behind

The weather may be hot in the evenings
And in the early mornings, the cold bite,
Dew hung like smoke in the morning
Over the forested vales and heights

For when the heavy rains go
The people complain even more,
But why I do care though
I’m glad the mosquitoes go too!


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