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Muse: Your Smile

I’ve loved, severally…

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to writing about love. I don’t think I would ever stop talking about it. Love moves the world around. Love is a force, energy, a sort of magic that many still can not define.

I’ve fallen in love severally. I fell for the beautiful flowers growing by the roadside, I fell for the infants shrieking for milk, I fell for the slow crawling snail with her small but relatively big eyes, I fell in love with the blue skies and while she drops a rain of tears, I fell for the strangers smile, for the setting sun and the greens in my garden. I’m indeed a lover – a wild one, I know.

I don’t know, maybe I’m practicing for something. Whatever it is, it’s a good one, I promise you. Here’s a muse for the night. Sleep well when you do. I’m out.

Your Smile

Your lips curve, pouting velvet of fine flesh,
When you smile, my heart leap with pleasure,
Your hair fall, they fall before my face, with grace,
But I love to watch it fall, every time, each moment
I have taken to write this little musing for you,
For your smile brings abundant joy each time!


6 replies on “Muse: Your Smile”

I’ve written poetry also about how easily I fall in love with everything — and William Shakespeare actually has a sonnet explaining why love is the only thing he ever wrote sonnets about! So, you’re not alone. Essentially, what better thing is there to write about, ever?

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Aww. I’m sorry about the loss. Rewriting may not give exactly the first manuscript. It’s awful losing such precious things. I lost several, I know how it feels. Hope to read the new work and probably sharing it.

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