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A Kind Story

This story you are about to read is imagined. I created it to talk about compassion, love and kindness. Abraham because of his kindness, entertained angels without knowing it. So this is another kind story. I trust the story’s lesson would be obvious to everyone. Have a nice read and a good night wishes from this side.

Now it was a tradition for young men
To cut wood in the neighbouring forest
Before they are allowed to select a bride
But there was no axe in town and nearby hamlets
So the young men were told to find a way

Maun was a young man, impaired in one hand,
Humbly dull looking, but very courageous,
People of the hamlet saw him as a weakling
And scorned thinking he was unfit for the competition,
No one cared to help and so the men went,
Deep into the heart of the lush green forest
Searching first for wood, there was no axe then,
Then appeared dwarves loitering in the wood,
With no food, water or clothes,
Cold night came on them each day
And they starved of food and warmth
No one cared or even looked at them
For the villagers felt hostile towards strangers
But not all, turned to be ill-mannered
Maun was merciful, though considered weak,
He knew the treacherous night was unfriendly
And decided to offer his food and warm clothes
To the weak and weary dwarves,
Sharing till he had nothing left
One night, an elder dwarf gave him a gift
And behold, it was a shiny great axe!
So Maun’s kindness won him a fair prize,
His mercy for strangers changed his life forever!


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