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Little Excuses and Morning Rain

Little Excuses

Laziness and procrastination, two nasty brothers always look for excuses.

It’s raining cats and dogs out there and the day just turned dark. Initially, I was like ‘ah, there’s a storm out there, thus I need a little nap’, but I know better. This morning rain won’t cheat me out of being productive. The other way round, it is a perfect excuse not to do anything!

In brief, I wouldn’t let the rain or any element deprive me of any day’s work or task. So here’s a piece that explains how the morning rain can make one gloomy and lazy.

Morning Rain

Dear morning rain,

Creator of eerie illusions
One who hides the sun
In a fit of dismay, douse all
With an abundance of rain

Grand hills are hidden too
Trees become mad dancers
The wind a slight nemesis,
All are worried about you

Morning rain, friendly foe
Who permits the waft of slumber,
Let the day waste subtly away,
To create means of lack and sorrow


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