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If Cards Tell Tales

There are 52 cards in a deck and each one has a different story

Judging Others

People assume they know other people’s stories. So in their minds, they already judge people’s characters.

Shrek, the 3D cartoon ogre, sadly affirmed that people judge even before getting to know him. This, of course, is because of his appearance. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the world does: judging others without knowing them.

If Cards Tell Tales

Now in a deck of cards, none takes the same resemblance. Each has a different look and character, perhaps. If these cards could tell a tale, they will tell different ones. Likewise, every individual has got a story. No matter how similar stories seem, there are always some differences.

Well, no one deserves to be judged simply by their looks but by deeds and acts. Take care not to judge without knowing people.


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