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My Tiger Stripes By Njabulo N.


In a world full of racism, competition, and all manner of vices, I chose to care less about people’s opinions of me. Hence I wouldn’t let those take all of my attention. I don’t have the time to worry about what others say in regards to my race, complexion, height, or status. I won’t assess an individual based on his/her physical appearance but by their character. A singer aptly sang: I’m not my hair, I’m not the skin… I’m just the soul that lives within.

The poem below encourages us to be proud of who we are. NJ paints a perfect impression on self-esteem. One piece of advice for everyone: love yourself no matter what.

My Tiger Stripes

My beautiful skin has marks,
Marks like the tiger stripes,
Forming uneven lines,
They may disgust you but they are fine.
They don’t choose who they want to do art on.
Stretch marks are like a painting on a wall.
You can be tall, short, tiny, chubby,
Asymmetrical, dark,  light, freckled or curvy,
They will still choose you.
I can be fat with stretch marks freckling my stomach, my back, or even my thighs,
I will remain beautiful.
Don’t make me feel bad for having my tiger marks,
Don’t make me try to cover up the cellulite you always see on my butts,
My physical form won’t limit my standard of beauty,
I’m a walking art, with more wrinkles,
Back fat and tummy rolls,
I’m not ashamed of how I am.
My tiger stripes are more beautiful,
Then what society has made the new normal.
My tiger stripes decorate my body,
I look lovely,
I don’t need to please you,
So that I’d boost my self-esteem and confidence.
I love how I am,
I love every stripe on my body,
They are part of me like permanent scars,
With them, I can make a wish like a lucky star,
I don’t want them to run off,
I won’t shield them off,
I love who I am,
I love my tiger stripes.


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