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The Wind Cheers

The Wind Cheers

the wind cheers for me
it dubs me great names,
gives an account of tales,
I missed in my absence
and let me dance with her airs.
out in the tranquil forest
where all elegant things roam,
where all beautiful birds sing,
and where memories encounter
the ancient, undulating altitudes,
sits Ovim, my darling land!
the land of bravery,
the land of my father,
and his father’s father!
where little firebugs I trust,
play with my benign torchlight!
the swimming lonely crab,
make me sit by the stream all day!
the frightful wild hawks,
terrify the village chicken society!
the tawny guinea grass,
compete with ferns behind the fence,
all have got an exhibit for me.
so on hot days and cold twilights
I feel every pleasure and fuss,
nothing compares to this welcome,
a carnival for a lad returned home.
of grasshoppers & dragonflies buzz,
and the monitors and mambas hiss,
and the host of pleasant trees swish,
when every living creature wait,
to receive this cheerful embrace


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